Saturday, January 1, 2011

34 Years Old + 118 Days

Friday 31st December.

I have explained before I think about the way that I update my blog? Well lets say this day is 118 days after my 34 birthday. I am blogging my whole year. So it should be Friday 31st December 2010 = 34 Years Old + 118 days however that is not always the case. In reality a day runs into the night, so while day 118 started off on the 31st it ended up in a different year! So in that regard happy 2011. That is so much handier to write! 2011...

The day was cool started off by looking at 2 films in the morning with the kids, something I should do more often. Linda gave me some time off during the day and I got my php game alpha07 working online. It can now be seen at the following address

If you do go to it, please please please, tell me what you think honestly. I know what it is myself, and for my first game that is written as a lesson in php I like it. You can only help, but I would love to see a "real" person in the game, doing stuff... there is hardly anything to do either by the way, so I guess I should have an updates page.... hmmm. Anyway, if you are so inclined, please register.

It was moms birthday too today. We were down at her house and took a nice family photo, minus Bree obviously.

But for new years night, a few people came down and we played Settlers! It is now a time honoured tradition, as in, we did the same thing last year. It was cool, nice and relaxing.

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. hey dude. I went to play the game, but it kept giving me a "500 Internal Server Error" notice. :(

  2. I'm registered, and I borrowed a whole bunch of money, and then I spent it on iron :)

    Happy New Years! We played settlers on New Years too!

  3. Just so you know, i tried to buy 2 delta class ships, but the link appears to be dead. Also - if you stood down from the technical aspects of the site for a moment and added a simple description of the point of the game, outline the game mechanics, it would help give players an idea of what to do. Looks promising though


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