Monday, January 10, 2011

34 Years Old + 126 Days


Wow, keeping an eye on the kids can be a handfull. They are actually easy to keep an eye on its just that the whole pressure of me having to keep an eye on the all on my own for a while is alot for me to handle. Like today for example, the kids were all mine for the day because Linda was in town meeting her friends. So I took the kids down to Mom and Dads, always a great detraction. Then I had some friends over and that passed more time and then Linda was over. Poor Sophie, the friends that did come over, Sheila and Nadia and Katie... and Amina.... we played a board game, but Sophie wanted to play too and she was getting frustrated when we were all answering the questions so quickly and after a while she went off on her own to play her own stuff but she was constantly calling for me attention and really did want to play with us. I can't wait until she is able to read and then she will be able to do everything we can. She can already play chess! And I only showed her once! She even beat be on her first game with me, although I don't know if that says more for her and less for me?

When Linda did come I hightailed it up to Marts where we had a quality xbox 360 night. I actually learnt how to play better at Halo Reach and Call Of Duty MW2. So the games were brilliant. Again Marts screen is SO BIG that we can easily play 4 player on the one screen and have like a full regular screen size quarter to ourselves. Rock.

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