Thursday, January 30, 2014

146 - Google = Skynet

Google purchased a company in the last few days, well now that is nothing new, I read somewhere that Google has purchased a new company at least every week for the last few years. No, what is so significant about THIS company is that it is an AI company. An Artificial Intelligence company.

The company is called DeepMind. Now the press loves this - Google is creating Skynet from the Terminator!!! Ahhhh everybody run somewhere in panic. For a start even if they were there is no use in running.

So then other people are asking why Google has purchased an AI company? Damn it seems kinda obvious to me. DeepMind has alot of very skilled people working there, Google might keep the people with the company, it now has even more brains to add to its current brains. But it is an interesting thing to think about when you talk of AI. I spoke to a few people about AI and they were saying that the computer will not actually be intelligent, it will just be simulating intelligence. That for me simply does not convince me. I do really believe that computers will be intelligent. Some day computers will have rights. Some day men and women will fall in love with computers probably.

A thing that happens to people when I begin talking like this is that they look down the road a few year and think of AI and look at their toaster, then think of AI again and look at their laptop, AI, fridge, AI television. No no no... again all wrong! Think of 30 years in the future, 50 years! Think 100 years. Think 1000 years.

What an amazing place the world will be in a thousand years! My god. I would do anything to be able to live that long.

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