Tuesday, January 14, 2014

130 - Its Sunday! Lets go to the movies!

We went into town today, into Galway to treat the girls somewhat. Also Lindas brother John was going home back to Spain. So we met John and Linda parents in the morning and the kids had a chance to say goodbye to John properly.

Then we set off to the cinema. We saw Frozen. It was really good. The animation, the graphics, are amazing. The songs were great, it was a well written story, I cared for the characters who all had strong personalities. I really can say not a whole lot of bad things about the film to tell the truth. Most of all. The kids loved it :)
Another cracker from Disney - Frozen

Afterwards we had dinner with Linda parents in that place in Salthill, whats the name of it. Da Robertas.

Great day out!

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