Wednesday, October 30, 2013

55 - Apple, the Rohypnol of the computer industry.

Linux is the beautiful woman you fall for, and you wake up one morning and she is laying beside you in the bed. She does not pretend to be anything she is not. She is generous, fun, and intelligent. She sticks up for you and defends you. Protects you and the both of you together can move mountains. She is free, she came into your life and asked for nothing.

Then there is Microsoft, she is expensive, high maintenance. You can't walk down the street without spending money on this chick somehow, she demands alot but when met in full this girl is amazing. And you know what, assuming that you bag the correct one your set... but some of them can be dumb as hell, and infact make your life hell with their dumbness. However all through your journey with this woman, you know where you stand.

Then there is Apple. The viper. You will pay the most for Apple. Truly she is the most beautiful by far, but like a siren, when you hold her you are totally under her control. Initially she was the woman in the bar that only drank champagne and ate strawberry's. Lately however she has become more deceiving, not because she can't bag enough men, but because she has found her competition boring. Now she no longer drinks champagne in classy nightclubs, now she hangs around in shady pubs, chats to you for a while, slips some rohypnol into your drink... when you wake up the next morning your head hurts, all of your money is gone, your cards have been emptied out... you realize in the worst way possible that you have been screwed. Your heart is broken and your angry at her, and you wish you never heard her name.

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