Wednesday, October 16, 2013

41 - Wikileaks, Adrian Lamo... whistle blowers....

I'm kinda confused about something here. I read up a bit on Adrian Lamo a few years ago and I knew that he was known as "the homeless hackers". When I got to know read up about him first I read about the way that he would be break into websites, identify security weaknesses and not charge anything for the service, if you could call it that. He did this for some companies and he to this too some companies. He was somewhat of an ethical hacker, a grey hat. He broke into these sites because he wanted them to be more secure.

Then one day in 2010, Adrian Lamo was contacted by the now famous Bradley (Chelsea) Manning. Bradley Manning basically confided in Lamo telling him (Lamo) that he had leaked thousands of files to the website wikileaks. Files leaked were about the American government and issues regarding matters of national security.

Lamo reported the the soldier Bradley Manning to the US Army counter intelligence and Manning was arrested. Manning is now in prison and is not going any where for at least another 8 years (at least that if she is lucky.

My point?

Did Lamo do right? Did Lamo do the correct thing in whistle blowing the whistle blower? There is alot more to it than what I written here, like a-l-o-t! But to me, it is a basic question. Within the computer community alot of people knew Adrian Lamo as a grey hat hacker. Manning must have known it too. Was Lamo wrong? Was Manning wrong leaking the files?

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