Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Arduino

A few days ago I bought myself an Arduino. When I say myself, it is because I like the idea of it being my personal toy. I don't really want to talk to other people about it. Well for now anyway. The reason for this is that for the lay person I could tell them "so today I wrote my first Arduino program on my own and I got an LED to flash on and off - one second on and one second off".

If you know a little about electronics and a little bit about programming you might say "well done!", but if you know nothing about the whole thing you simply might not find it interesting. So I have learnt after years and years, don't go blabbing on about things that I find interesting to other people that might not find it interesting. If you are interested then, get a cup and tea my friend and sit down and lets discuss some Arduino!

This is the very simply little program that turns on my LED and then one second later turns it off, and then one second later turns it on... and then... you know one second later turns it off. It is an infinite loop actually so this could go on for a while!

Arduino coding environment. Simple and clean.

and this is the result. Look at that little baby shine! :)

This is my little Arduino Uno board. 

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