Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 - Day 25 - Irish website hacked.. lol

Yesterday the Department of Justice and Finance was has because they are going to attempt to enact "SOPA" style laws into legislation.

Wait a second... what the hell is SOPA? Here is a wiki explanation of what it is:

Basically SOPA is "Stop Online Piracy Act". The Acts aim was to give the American government (it was an American act) the ability to cut off funding of suspect sites, enforce tougher intellectual property law etc. All bad for pirate but also for those people who built the Internet on the philosophy that information should be free.

Well that the were the brave men and women of anonymous come in. I am not sarcastic either, I love them. They speak and are heard when other voices are drown out.  Enda Kennys email was hacked too I believe. It is all kinda funny in a way.

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