Saturday, August 2, 2014

One Direction is the best in the world.

(Now the band one direction that is - I mean my new one aim!)

Hi there, I am back after how long? Look, I meant to keep writing this blog all the time, every day but I find that pretty difficult. Anyway, in the mean time what have I been up to? Well I have lost my job, not my fault, the company I was in had to downsize and I ended up on the street as it were. What else, I don't know. I'm fine though.
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I have been thinking. What is the new direction that I want my blog to go into? The I figured out what everyone else knows that is successful at writing anything, write what you know about. I guess that to a point I was already doing this in that I was writing my blog about my day and that is what I know best, me. Anyway, gotta stay on topic here. Basically, I am going to write about me make a game!

Yeah! Me making a game!I am going to make a computer game and attempt to get anyone that I do not know do download it. That is my aim. Get anyone to download it. Do I want to get money for it? Of course! Will I get money for it... hmm, I do not think so. I am not negabombing myself or anything it is just that I know what my first game is going to be and I know that there is no way that I could free right about charging people for it.

So that is my new aim.

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