Monday, March 24, 2014

Pancakes : How to make the perfect pancakes.

First off, pancakes might be misleading. I am making really thick pancakes. Some people call these flap jacks. Whatever they are called, here is how to make thick, airy, pancakes.

Step 1:
2 Cups of self raising flour.
Add 2 Cup Measures of Self Raising Flour
Step 2:
Get 3 medium sized eggs. Yes, in case you did not know, eggs come in sizes! I do not like breaking the eggs into the flour directly because I always get egg shell in the flour. 

3 Eggs. 
Step 3: 
Break each egg, throw it in on top of the flour. 
Throw in the eggs....
Step 4: 
Get a measuring jug and measure out 300ml of milk. 
300ml of milk, low fat or regular. 
Step 5:
No hands please... back in the day I remember using a wooden spoon and mixing by hand, it took ages and was horrible. Now, mix the flour, milk, and eggs together for a while until there are no little lumps and make sure to beat it so lots of little air bubbles appear in the mix. The air is good. 
Use an electric mixer people. On high for ages until every single little lump is gone. 
Step 6: 
What is the name of this white thing? It usually comes with the bowl. Before you are finished with the mixer clean down the sides of the bowl because there could be excess flour built up on the sides.
Keep it clean...
Step 7: 
Get some rashers on... make them nice and crispy. Not burnt - crispy. Grill the pancakes, grilling is healthier.
Step 8:
Measure out with a ladle is it? 
Have regular size portions or there will be fights for the biggest one.
Step 9:
Have the pan on a low heat at first. The first pancake usually turns out kinda bad, thats the Katie Holmes pancake.... get the movie reference? Hmm? Hmm? So have a bit of oil on the pan. Now, come on. Don't have the pancake literally floating around in oil, I mean don't be scabby. There is a point where you can have too much, experience will tell you that. However if you have too little your pancake will burn. Do not be in a rush with the pancake. Take your time, let them rise. When one side is nice and golden brown like in the image below, flip the pancake and brown the other. 
Nice clean non stick pan. Have a good bit of oil, olive oil if you can.
Step 10:
Finally... you are there. I can get all this done in around 10 - 12 minutes from start to finish. Finished being when I am eating the pancake. So plan. Turn on the grill first. Get things heating up. Really nice with butter and sugar. The one below has maple syrup and bacon obviously. 
I would love one right now. 2 of these by the way is a bit of a meal. 
There you have it. I have the theory that the less ingredients that go into something the better. And, I am right. These pancakes have 3 ingredients, flour, eggs, milk. Boom. I see people add water, salt, sugar. Stop. Three things only. Without any of the 3 things you simply do not have pancakes, that is how I know I am making pancakes. The mixture above should make 12 portions... like 12 pancakes I think. And remember, presentation is everything when it comes to eating. And if you make the pancakes, clean up after yourself, there is nothing worse than going "mm that was lovely, now let me spend 15 minutes cleaning up your crap". 

And to end on a cheerful note, they are delicious. Sleep in some morning, get up, do these, then look at some good telly. Have tea or coffee too... 

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