Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Here be dragons!

I was looking into browsers, as you do and I came across this browser called SeaMonkey. In the early days Mozilla Firefox was community driven. As in the community wrote and maintained it. However then the project got to the size that Mozilla branched off into a more commercial project called Mozilla Firefox. There were a core bunch of people that stuck with the community based version however and called the browser SeaMonkey. I believe that they initally considered calling the project Buttmonkey but changed it. Even I think that that was a good idea.

Side note: in the browser, type in about:mozilla in the address bar and hit return.. Weird ah!

Second side note: in the browser type in about:config. Go here to get access to the internal settings of your Mozilla Firefox browser. FYI - you mess up these setting you could mess up to a certain degree your browser.


  1. hey! glad to see you back and posting! I've missed reading your updates!

  2. Hey, SeaMonkey! I like that browser. I've used it in the past because it's nice in that it allows you to work on locally stored html as an editor and then immediately see what it looks like the in the browser.

  3. Totally false advertising though, where are the dragons!?!??


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