Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Computer News.... Half Life loaded computer news

Fancy seeing a kind of funny video about a man singing about how all operating systems are rubbish?

In other news....

Gordon... I'm Alyx Vance and I am beautiful... also Mart, if you haven't played the whole Half Life 2 series your not a real gamer!!!!

Gabe Newell has (un)offically talked about Half Life 3!!!!! Rock on! It is code named Ricochet2 and he implyed that it might be out next year!!!! See more on the link below...

Now, one of the best games ever in my personal opinion is Half Life... it is still a brilliant game today if you played it on Steam but lets face it the graphics look a bit dated at this stage... soooooo.... the group of modders have remade the game and it should be out on September 14th (this year - that has to be added because I was actually waiting for the game for 5 years so far!). Look out for "Black Mesa", thats the name the brand spanking new beautifully new voice acted, new graphicsed up game.

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