Saturday, July 30, 2011

Some of the crap we say...

You ever think about some of the crap we say? Special K have an add at the moment where the voice over of a woman says, "it's a woman perogative to change her mind".

Now, come on. Why? Because your a woman? Why do you say your allowed to change your mind... think about it. To me it sounds really insecure to say "I am a woman I am allowed to change my mind!!!!". How would it sound if I stood in the middle of Carraroe and said "I am a man... I am not having Coke after all, I am having 7-Up!". People would look at me and say "crazy damn fool".

So the reason that it is acceptable for women to say "it is a woman perogative to change her mind" is simply because people before her have said it. It is thick. It is silly for a person to stand up and exclaim something like that.

(Of course really it is neither silly nor smart - it is just a meaningless utterance that is given a meaning by those that hear it.)

But it makes you think.. what else do we utter? What other sewage comes out of our mouths? (And before you make reference to this blog ask your self whom is worse, he who feeds the sewage or he who eats it!) How many other things do we say on a daily basis that really means nothing? Now the answer to this is that in one way, nothing we say actually means anything does it? Words only have a meaning becuase we have given them a meaning. Right. But with that said, some words, some sentences are more dangerous than others.

For example, my bugbear in Carraroe is the Irish language issue (didn't know it was an issue - well it is). In Carraroe we "should" speak Irish. Oh! Oh sorry. We should. I forgot that eleventh commandment - "And when thou arth in Carraroe in the year of our lord 2011AD speak Irish or I shall teareth thee a new ass holeth". You see some "shoulds" should be looked at again and questioned. I come a philosophical background where there it is said that "the unquestioned life is not worth living". It is a pretty powerful statement.

Oh course with most of my areguements, the are subjective... if you disagree - good. If you agree - good. All I am saying is this - listen to what you are saying and listen really to what people are saying to you. A shocking amount is meaningless, but it is the meaningless that we live by. Talk about the weather, who died, who is born. But some is not meaningless and it is dangerous, and takes away our freedom and erodes away our rights. Words might flow over you like water off a ducks back but there are other people who place words carefully to make you think that their thoughts are your own. These are the dangerous people. When you have read this please take a moment to think. Is there anything that you disagree with? Does someone agree with it? Why do you disagree with this? Is someone slowly spoon feeding your mind with poison and killing your independant thought?

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