Sunday, January 30, 2011

34 Years Old + 146 Days


You know what I hate... H A T E....





I hate when I write something in this blog and it disappears when I go to publish it. Blogger, you have a complaints department that reads random users blogs!!!! Read this! Stop feeding your programmers Mountain Dew and get to fix this stupid problem!!! AAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Anyway, that bothers me.

So I spent the day in Galway taking pictures. I realised that it is really hard to take a good picture. Because with people it is hard to get a photo without feeling strange, it's like... can I take a photo of that person or what? Do i have to ask for permission? How does it work? And with buildings it is really hard to have get a picture that means something. My prize star of the day was bird on the Spanish Arch... it is actually a bird I am talking about by the way, not a girl or woman, but an actual bird.

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  1. Donal, one thing I learned years ago is that anything you write in a field on a website, before you click submit, do ctrl+a followed by ctrl+c. I have this as a total habit now from years of losing stuff i typed due to crappy sites or things timing out etc. at least then if you click submit and hit a 404, you can just go back and ctrl+v it...


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