Tuesday, January 4, 2011

34 Years Old + 121 Days

Bank Holiday Monday over here in Ireland, or here in Ireland if you are currently in Ireland.

We were meant to throw out the recycling bin but because it was a bank holiday i thought they weren't coming, of course, the came so I guess I will have to burn all my paper instead in the back yard... like we did in the old days before Ireland was rich and had so many people on the payrole that they could hire a man for every village in the country to spy on the locals to make sure that they were all keeping in line and back when the ozone was but a young hardy buck and not like some thin veil of silk that was drapped over a princesses face as she stood at the alter in front of prince charming about to tie the knot. Yes... there will be fire.

Myself and Rich have started on a little project that is making a few page comic book. Not sure how it will turn out except to say that is going to rock.... watch this space!

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  1. speaking of this space ... did you ever progress on the comic book?


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