Monday, January 24, 2011

34 Years Old + 141 Days


Well today, I was up with the kids, kinda, they got up I gave them milk and I went back to sleep again for around an hour again. But the whole rest of the day was go go go. There was a Sinn Fein conference/meeting and we were at it to see Trevor being offically chosen to be the canditate to run for Sinn Fein. It was interesting. It was also really warm - no - really hot in the hotel room that we were in and when the meeting was over it was nice to get some frest air.

When we all got home we had some shop bought pizza so it was ok. When the kids were asleep we had a game of Settlers. We also did some work on Trevors Sein Fein website, so it is nearly 3am as I write this.

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