Monday, January 3, 2011

34 Years Old + 119 Days

He Actually Is A Rolemodel!
Got my first computer job today. Thats cool, hopefully I will be doing alot more of this now.

Linda went up to Castlebar today with Sophie so I was taking care of Lucy all on my own! Ahhhh. But it wasn't bad, like alot of kids her age she slept for a good streach during the day and when she woke up I took her down to my parents for dinner. So handy having parents close to you for that reason alone, free babysitting, they generally care, and they always provide dinner for the young-ons.

When Linda and Sophie came back in the evening, Linda had to pretty much turn on her heals and go out the door again to the cinema, what a tough life she has! I do not know the film they where going to look at...

We found out that someone close to Linda is engaged but I do not know if I can say it because this person has not told all of her family yet for some reason. But speaking of films above, while I was doing things around the sitting room and kitchen, I watched "There Will Be Blood". Linda is all that fond of the film so it really was a good time for me to be watching it. I love it so much. I love the Daniel Plainview character played by Daniel Day-Lewis. He is class, but what I find disturbing is how much I relate to him....

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