Friday, January 21, 2011

34 Years Old + 139 Days

You know, it is silly I know but I am really kinda sad. I am rebuilding computers that we had in the cafe. What I mean by rebuilding is that I have put a fresh Windows on it, and now I am installing games on it. The PC will then be sold on to various people, however, we have loads of games that were left to me from both and from Wired Ireland that we had in Galway. There are like 70 games or something. But it makes me sad to think that we had a games cafe and now it is closed.

I remember the first time I heard about Wired, Mark Aherns place in Athenry. I was standing outside the Quays pub on a Saturday. I was working, bouncing. I was talking to Gavin another bouncer and I asked him what he was doing for the weekend. He told me that he was going to Athenry to help out a friend of his that is setting up a gaming cafe! I was stunned! He spoke so casually about what I dreamt of. I got to know Mark through Gavin (and fittingly enough Gavin then left for Austrilia - his job was done).

But I remember doing "lock ins" or all nighters basically at Marks place in Athenry. They were brilliant. Getting to know all these people that talked purely about games. Games, games, games. It was the only reason anyone was there. It was the first time I saw the Crytek engine that make Farcry... it was the first time I played the new Counter Strike: Source.I still remember the first time I saw the water in Counter Strike: Source.. it was honestly to God beautiful. I was amazed at the graphics, the physics. It was all amazing.

But now, here I am. Cataloging games so I can figure out what to install on the PC and what not to. I feel like an old libriran who has spent his life collecting brilliant works of literary art but knows that no one will ever read them. Some of the games here are ground breaking in so many way but no one really cares. The xbox 360, for all it flare does not compate to a good game on a good PC.

The personal computer is dying. But its kicking and screaming on the way. But if it closes it eyes for good, will it take with it forever the experience of 8 people huddled into a room designed for 2 where all 8 people have their own computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse and of you looking at the person sitting beside you and knowing you just kicked his ass.

Now even I play a 360... but its potential is only peaked when with it is played with 4 people on Marts mammoth TV. In fact it is so good playing the xbox 360 at Marts place that sometimes for a very brief moment I am brought back again to the hayday of PC gaming.


  1. I never really 'got' computer games until playing with y'all :) And now that I have enjoyed it, what you wrote really resonates.


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