Monday, January 3, 2011

34 Years Old + 120 Days

I found out today that 2 people have "Signed Up" to my online browser based game "Alpha07". Even my writing that line like that makes it more hype than it is worth at the moment. I fully accept that it is only a pet project at the moment, but I see the potential that it has and all that I could do with it, so I am going to keep on working on it. When I looked in the DB I realised that 1 other new person had signed up too, so thats cool, get some opinion going.

We had a game night this night, and it was class. Wallace (1 of the new Alpha registrars) and Dee were there and Rick (and Alphaite) and Mart with myself and Linda. I have to say, board games in Ireland are so under rated! You hear all the silly cliches on the radio and stuff about family getting together and having big fights over it because they are all drinking, but I think alot of that is media crap just to talk about something. Basically, we had as we always do, a good night except that last night had a touch of the absolutely hailarious about it.

"Good times, good times...." 

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