Tuesday, November 26, 2013

81 - Sunday Science and Seatbelts!

Today we went into NUI Galway - the University that is in Galway city - because there was a science fair on. The fair was actually really good. There was alot of science in it. There were experiments with baking soda (is it - or bread soda) and vinegar. There were a few variant of that actually because it is safe and makes lots of bubbling and kids, and adults, like to see the slow volcano like reaction that happens.

Another cool thing at the science fair was from RAC - basically the car people. I sat into a car with these other 2 men. We were all strapped in safely and very securely and then the car was pivoted around on the axes as if there were a needle through the middle of the front bumper all the way through the car to the middle of the rear bumper. I was turned around 360 degrees like this but it was strange feeling the moaning and groaning of the car turning with us in it. I think I have finally realized - wear a seatbelt all the time and make sure that there is no slack in it!

It was nice walking with the girls through college that I was attending this time last year. On the way home though, I was circling a roundabout getting ready to go to the Christmas Market and we heard a massive crack! I hit a pot hole that smashed our suspension. I'm sending the council the bill, lets see what happens.

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