Saturday, November 2, 2013

58 - Recorded a friends play.

I have a friend, Barry, who is in a theater group in Galway who put on play of the highest quality. A few days ago Barry asked me to record the play one of the nights if I could. Today I said that I would do it. I have to say, considering the shameful degree of unreadiness I was in everything turned out extremely well.

We were in the theater, An Taibhairc, in Galway city and we began to set up my camera and we took a few shots of the cast and the like. It was looking bad for a moment when I thought that my battery wouldn't be enough, I was even considering leaving but Mart who was helping me said, lets do it and see what happens.

But everything worked out fine. The image looks kinda fuzzy, kinda like I was recording on 16mm film and the thing I was really worried about was the sound, but even that worked out fine. Well in fact. My camera played a blinder basically. When I bought my Canon 550D I knew that I would want it for little films and videos, I am really happy that I went for it and that I got that exact model. Mic was brilliant on it, that is all I used to record sound, and the images were of course fantastic.

That is all for now folks,

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