Friday, November 1, 2013

57 - Minecraft and the Nether...

I am playing alot more Minecraft these days. People in the office are playing it too so I play on a server that we have. The game we are playing has loads of mod so you can build a boat, a ship, a working engine, many many types of working engines to be more precise. I will get screen grabs and post them here in a while but at the moment suffice it to say that if you can do it in real life you can pretty much do it here. My introduction to this server and this "session" of the game was that I was a farmer. I planet wheat so that I could harvest it and feed it to the cows, so that the cows could mate with each other and have calves that would in turn grow up. Of course in the case of getting cows mating it is far more simple than getting a bull to ride some horny cow, you get the hay and rub it agains't any of the non gender specific bovines and hearts pop lovingly out of the cows heads and boom a calf is born. Kinda like the way babies are made in humans isn't it.

Point being: Minecraft = Good fun.

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