Saturday, November 16, 2013

72 - Startrek Convention Pics...

We were at a StarTrek convention once up in Dublin. I will remember it for 3 things:
Star Trek... you gave so much to so many.

  1. That they had the original bridge and transporter pad the The Original Series. 
  2. There was a wall of death kind center fugal / puke making machine that we all went on but Mart and was it Brid??? went on it twice. 
  3. My Dad. As I get older and have to do all these things with my own kids I really realise how much he did for us. Going into the cinema on Sunday became a tradition for example, going to the beach, getting lost on trips out to the mountains. In many ways he was, is, a brilliant father. (Note to self: tell Dad he was/is a brilliant father).
So anyway, I was browsing the internet when I saw this article on prople at a Trek convention in San Fran. Not great pictures by all means, but they did stir up some great memories :)

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