Saturday, January 15, 2011

34 Years Old + 133 Days


Rick came up and we did some work on our future, hopefully, short comic. There is alot of work involved in it. Like when you think that everything that it in a comic is drawn in by someone, and then colored... the whole thing adds to to serious work. Rick then had a quick piano lesson on the piano that we own. Did I tell you about that piano? We rescued it from the shead where it was for all the world left there to rot. We took it in, literally, into the kitchen and it is drying out. One piano player looked at it and told us to throw it out! It was beyond repair they siad! But a piano like that, so old, has so many stories, has gone through so many things, it has lived more than I have. It is a sin to throw out a beautiful old instument like that. So we talked around 2 years ago now at this stage to someone about fixing it up, he is the best of the best in Ireland at fixing and restoring pianos about fixing up ours again. But ahhh, we're still waiting on him to come to us. Hmmm. Anyway, Rick played a bit of it and showed a Shine like ability at playing it. I was really impressed, even though he seemed lack luster.

We also had a game of settlers with Wallace and Dee and Mart and Marielle, good game, who won again? I lost I know that much, oh yeah, Wallace won... the snake in the grass! :)
Wrote my first "Hello World" java program!


  1. Wow, that's really cool about Rick and the piano! And the comic sounds class. I love reading your blog, Donal. You've already blogged 1/3 of a year!

  2. haha yeah Wallace you are a cylon even in Settlers!


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