Friday, December 3, 2010

34 Years Old + 88 Days

Wednesday - 1st December - First day of Advent.

There are 5 points that I try to live by to be happy. Here they are, without much explaination and in no particular order.

1 - Exercise
A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Obviously this is just a figure of speech, but what I mean is you could possibly meet the other points to be happy but what is the good if your suckin down hamburgers and you can't reach down to your shoelaces. In todays society there is a generally accepted fitness level, and you know what it is.

2 - Friends
Funny as it sound for me to be saying this, I am sure of my other 4 points but I am not sure of this one, as in, is it that important to have friends? I believe it is, and I do not mean in a Facebook way of having 1000 friends, I mean in a way of having someone you can turn to and cry in front of or ask advise on literally anything. A friend is very same though as my relationship point, that is why I am wondering if I am forgetting an actual other really important point. Either way, if you do not have a "real friend" make it your lifes ambition to find one. A soul alone is just that.... A soul.... Alone....

3 - Job
The self worth that comes from having a job is often more important than the job itself. Like, very often. If for no other reason of course that you need a job to feed yourself and live.

4 - Relationship
This involves having sex too. So I do not mean that you have to have sex, and I do not mean that if you want to have sex that it is with an old friend, I am saying that humans are animals, animals eat, shit, screw.... A happy person will have the option of having sex if they want, that is what I am saying. Most people I know, and I am serious about this, most people I know would prefer to have the choice of being able to sleep with someone when they are going to bed at night. I do not mean sleep with someone and having sex with them, I mean, feel their presence beside them in the bed and cuddle up with them if they so choose. Having a partner, an other half, the Jerry McGuire style "you complete me" other part of you.

5 - Hobby
I see that with many older people in Carraroe and I guess everywhere, that they totally do not understand the importance of a hobby. As in, something that is yours. You might need money for it, you might not. It shouldn't really be about the money I believe, although your hobby might be going for drives in rented Verons. My hobby is making computer games. I have never made a good one, but when I am alone, when Linda and the kids are gone, and there is nothing on TV, and I have done all my chores, what do I do? My hobby, I see people like my Dad, he does not have a hobby, so what does he do when he is bored? He gets old.... Do not get old, old is not ok. Letting your mind and body grow old at the same pace is magic, is the way it is meant to be, but I know 20 year olds that have already died and float through every day life like zombies.

And so there they are, subject to change :) But if they do change it will be for the better of all man kind... yes, I am that correct in what I write! :)

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