Tuesday, December 21, 2010

34 Years Old + 106 Days

Linda went to a funeral this morning, the mother of a person she knew and walked to the church! It's the weather. So like crazy myself, Sophie and Lucy walked to Mom and Dads too.Sophie learnt alot about walking in snow I can tell you. But it was erey and strange walking. It was like the film "The Road" or "The Book Of Eli".... everywhere was so quiet and then if there was some noise, the noise filled up the whole surrounding area! If a car passed it seemed to creep up on you... everything is quiet, then you begin to hear a noise, its not coming from in front of us, we look behind and yes there it is, a 4x4 coming fast... we scamper as quickly and carefully as we can onto the side of the road amongst the snow covered but thorny briars, our feet sink in the rustling grass while the heavy wheels of the passing gas guzzler crunches and pops the snow and ice beneath itself and we wait till its past us and then its gone... and the road is all ours again, dangerous and slippery, but ours... and the frozen landscape snuggles down silently again under the white sheet of snow with the gentle lullaby of chirping birds accompanying it off to sleep

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