Friday, December 31, 2010

34 Years Old + 117 Days

We have arrived back in Carraroe today. We left Castlebar in good time after having tea in Rua, a little cafe on Spencer Street in Castlebar. I liked the cafe a few moment after we ordered our food because they were really busy but still made sure that Lucy got her food straight away. So while we were still talking to Therese, whom we met there, Lucy was messing around with her food. The fact that she ate hardly any of it meant nothing. Also, it was really busy and the fact that the drinks were late too also, seriously meant nothing, because Lucy had gotten her food. Take note Classic India, that we visited yesterday in Sligo town where we were waiting around an hour and a half for our food, and that is including Lucy!

The rest of the day was cool, when we got home from Castlebar Mom had heated up the house for us and we headed out straight away, myself Linda and Sophie, to Nadias place to celebrate her 18th birthday. When we got home we saw the little monkey was up again and full of beans with mom. But all was well and we ended the night looking at Batman Begins... what an ending, in every way.

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