Sunday, December 26, 2010

34 Years Old + 112 Days

Christmas Day!!!!

Yippee... today was good for a few reasons! First was that Santy came, that was the best thing! He gave all of us gifts and the kids were happy!

Funny enough another thing that was great about today was that I did not have to drive anywhere, that actually is a big deal, there are not many days that I do not drive anywhere. Now with that said I did go to church but I was driven there.

The day was a typical christmas day bar the fact that I was up in castlebar, we had christmas dinner but I am happy to say I did not stuff myself! W00t. I usually do and then I feel crap afterwards. I did a traditional visit to a Reilly family member and then home for the rest of the day.

One cool thing was that we had a kris kindle to control the expense of christmas and when were opening the gifts we got from my family we had a video conference on skype so that we were all together. That was really nice, becasue although I am happy here I was feeling a pinch of missing the Carraroe gang, and with that said I tried to call Bree, but there was no answer, by the time I realised that there was probably somethign wrong with the phone I was calling from it was really too late to call her.

We finished off the night with looking a the latest Failte Go Texas (nice house) and then we had another game of scrabble where we had our behinds handed to us again by Linda. Good day was had....

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