Wednesday, December 22, 2010

34 Years Old + 107 Days

Monday 20th of December.

We took Sophie to school even though it was really snowy. Then Linda took her out early and we picked up John from the Moon. We came home and that was it really. My really low point was we were out too late for me to go to karate :( That sucked alot.

I took loads of photos of the ceibh off the main road. It was reall cool, last night there was loads of ice seemingly and it was floating on top of the sea and when then the sea went out the ice was still left unmelted a layer of ice over the whole pier. It was nice so I took nice photos of it.


  1. Is this some sort of test to see if people are really reading your blog? You picked up John from the Moon? So REM were right, there is a man on the moon?

  2. John told Sophie when she was really small that he lives on the moon and comes home on a rocket. Sophie sometimes sees him on the moon. She's been to Madrid to see him but I think she likes the magic of it.(you know how much she likes magic, Mart)


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