Sunday, December 5, 2010

34 Years Old + 92 Days


The day of rest, as I have reiterated before this, Sunday is now no longer the mecca of days of days anymore, but it is still an absolutely fantastic day. Today we left Castlebar and made our way down to Carraroe, carefully, the roads were kinda slippy, but I felt nothing of it, partially because of the roads, and you know what, partially becuase I am a good driver and I drove carefully.

I was this weekend totally impressed with the girls, they are really fantastic. I am seeing them growing up to into properly little well behaved women. I am able to ask Lucy now to do stuff for me and she has enough grasp of Irish and English that she will go and do it. I love them so much.

Why block the site unless it
 has something to hide

Ever hear of the website "Wikileaks"? It is about as politically loaded as they come. They hold stories about everything but particulairily from American soldiers who fought in the Afgan and Iraq war of late. I went to visit the site but when I tried in nothing happened. I googled why nothing happened and I found out that I had to do some alterations to my host file (I did not know off hand what that was), but I was given an easier solution in the form of the actual ip address of the server itself, so that worked.... the IP address is Go there and look at the site. It has become really interesting for me, you see seemingly what has happened is that it has been hit with denial of service attacks, a black hat hacker method of knocking out the domain server of a site. This was probably done by someone that does not like what is doing and saying... that is providing free information to the public. This makes me believe that wikileaks is actually a good site.

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  1. Wikileaks is an interesting site. All i'd say about it (and i haven't read up much on it yet) is that all information being released in principle is definitely not a good thing. I don't agree with the government covering up everything, and I was a fan of the X-Files and Dark Skies in my day, but to give you an example - during the Falklands war the BBC found out about an impending attack the British were going to do on an Argentine position (called Goose Green). They mentioned this information on the air in advance of the attack, and as a result, the Argentinians strengthened their forces there. A Colonel was so angry about it that he threatened to lead the prosecution of senior BBC officials for treason - but he died in the battle of Goose Green. Similarly, due to flak from AA, pilots were not flying high enough to get to the necessary release point for their bombs to have time to arm before impact. this meant their bombs were landing but not detonating. the BBC reported this, the Argentinians heard it, so they changed the fuses in their bombs so they did detonate. These are 2 examples of the BBC definitely causing deaths of their own servicemen just for the sake of getting the truth out there, but not for the better of their own countrymen.
    Still though, i would like it if someone told me if Gray aliens really landed on earth...


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