Sunday, December 12, 2010

34 Years Old + 97 Days

Friday 10th

Well today was PJs birthday, so in an unoffical kinda way we got PJ over with Rick and Mart and with Linda we all played poker and nads. In between we had a cool game of settlers. Thing is that with the Settlers game I was setting up the board, so I left out the 2, 12, and 3 numbers so people progressed up really quickly and everyone who had any kinda luck excelled really quickly. Now, Linda won, but I am not saying that it is because purely of luck, she won because she kicked ass.

Of course all that happened between 9pm and 4am at night. For the rest of the day, Sophie went to school, and there was a mother and toddler and while that was happening I was cleaning the sitting room. I realised an interesting while I was cleaning it. It being the sitting room I turned on the tv and put on, of course, Discovery Channel my favorite channel and looked at a program about
It was really cool. Not just the program about Spetsnaz but the whole concept about being able to do a boring job but it being boring enough to be able to watch some cool programming on the way, makes it brilliant.

Oh yeah, heard a very special secret today.

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