Saturday, December 4, 2010

34 Years Old + 90 Days


All that we really did today was go up to Castlebar. We stopped into galway on the way and I dropped off a monitor to Mark in town.

We drove all the way up to Castlebar and we were really careful about ice and snowey roads because the weather is really bad lately, however there was pretty much no ice bothering us at all anywhere until we got to the driveway of Lindas parents house up in Castlebar. Then the ice nearly killed me when I stepped out of the car.

When we were settled in and the kids were asleep after dinner and all was quiet we went to the cinema. It was dangerously icey there too because as the staff put it about the deadly conditions there too, "you'd think they'd put a rail there", at a place where an old couple was almost falling on their asses. Health and safety, much as I usually hate it, has its place when some silly people are in charge.

So anyway at the cinema I saw the latest Harry Potter film with Linda. It is strange seeing the kids in Harry Potter, they have grown up, Hermonie is now tall and good looking, Ron is all beefed up, and Harry, is well, he is the same, just grown up really. But the film is brilliant, really one for the Harry Potter fans as well, that have read the books, as there are loads of references to all the films in this one.

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