Wednesday, December 15, 2010

34 Years Old + 99 Days


My Sunday was cool as usual. It is nearly offically te day that we all, well my little family of Linda and 2 kids, meet up down at mom and dads. But before we got there we called over to Ros a mhil to what would you call it, a market? but it was cool and there was a santy and but we did not go there, instead we spent a great deal of time by the raffle wheel where we quickly realised that the number 47 came up all the time. We won loads, it was a cool market.

Afterwards we had dinner of course...

When we were home and had the kids asleep Mart and Marielle and Rick came over for Settlers and when it was over Marielle left and we watched the x-factor final finals and Matt McCardle won. Will we ever hear from him again?

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