Friday, December 3, 2010

34 Years Old + 89 Days


Today I tried to do what should be very simple with Windows.... I tried, using the Network tab on Windows 7, to look at a folder on another Windows 7 computer. This SHOULD be very simple but it is definately not. Basically it asked for a Username and Password. Now, the method of putting in the username and password is nice and clear, and you can click a remember my credintals button and all that, and presumably once the user and pass are entered all things would be honky dorky except for the simple problem of WHAT THE HELL IS THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD IN THE FIRSTPLACE! I know that Microsoft has put so much money into the design of Windows 7 that the fact that I am left wondering about this is frankly stupid.

So I looked around the internet some for this answer and in the mean time I got the old Dreamscene working on Windows 7, the reason I specify the OS here is because Dreamscene was originally written for the now generally accepted mistake that was Windows Vista. So the Dreamscene functionality is kind of in Win 7 but you have to download a .dll file. I got the Ryan and Sarah leaving video playing as my desktop and then changed it to Shrek 4. Cool.

So today was a funny day for me in that I did not leave the house at all except to drop Sophie down to school in the morning, even then it was down and up. But it was cool, good to have a day where you stay in all day, We had visits from Sheila and the kids and Kirst! You see, why go out, when the world can come to you!

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