Tuesday, November 30, 2010

34 Years Old + 87 Days

You know what I love, Jefferson Airplane. They have two cool songs the first is funny but also good becuase it just is, I think that Jim Carey sings it Cable Guy? That song is Somebody To Love. But the second song from them is White Rabbit, now that is a brilliant. It is used in tons of films, The Game with Michael Douglas and in Platoon just to mention a few.

You know what else I like, from a building point of view, I like underground and regular multi-story car parks. They are like airports. They represent a certain achievement of human developement. If you have a multi-story car park or a huge car park under ground like in Madrid in Spain, it shows alot of organization, wealth, and intelligence being put into a town or city. I like all the smooth, strong looking clean concrete. The very particular mood that the lights set. I love the way people behave in carparks, they aren't cool or sloppy, the are taking care of business. You know, before they put on their 'walking around casually in society' mask, the now wear a mask which is closest to their maskless self, the are more vunerable. As everyone knows, even if you do not know you know it, the time that you will see who people are the best is when they are vunerable, when they are unexpecting. I know when I park my car in a carpark, my mind is about do I have everything with me, have I locked up behind me, have I left the light on. It is like when I am leaving my bedroom or house. I am in my own space, relaxed, but still aware of the other cars and the potential that there is someone like me probably observing you, innocently.... 

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