Wednesday, November 17, 2010

34 Years Old + 73 Days

Tuesday.... 3 big things happened today...

First is Prince Harry is it? He got engaged to... hmm I forget her name... Kate something... that is actually a big thing. Alot of people say it is not, but it is. What made this whole thing about the prince more interesting however, is that before going to bed, Sophie was on the chair looking at Sky 1 on TV. There was a program on about Prince (Harry ?) was in Africa talking about projects that he was suppoerting, when Sophie said "he looks just like Ryan". On a second glance and he is!

Second big thing that happened is that I ordered my camera!!!!!! Yippee.... This is a picture of it. It is a Canon 550d.... I am really looking forward to it. It is nice to look forward to something coming in the mail. They,, said that delivery could take around 10 days... so I am going to put that down to working days, and even then be surprised if it comes around that time. It is going to be brilliant.

Third thing is not so big, but still a surprise... we found a mouse!!!!! In our bedroom!!!! Little pervert probably sat patiently under the bed untill I got undressed. Because of its illicit nature I plan to get loads of mouse traps tomorrow.

So, work first part of the day... medium mood  : I
Camera ordered second part of day... excellent mood. 8)
Mouse = Bad Mood :(

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  1. Hehe. Yep, he's my doppelganger. Everyone has one, and he's mine. I had that pointed out to me a lot in the UK. But I don't recall anyone in Ireland ever mentioning it, interestingly enough. Maybe folks thought I'd be offended! On this topic, I also used to get Val Kilmer a lot when he and I were both younger.

    Looking forward to seeing the new pics from the new camera!


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