Sunday, November 28, 2010

34 Years Old + 84 Days

When I woke this morning it was freezing cold. Really freezing, there was light snow outside but elsewhere in Ireland cars and roads had to contend with an inch and a half of snow. In November in Ireland thats alot. The girls wanted to run around outside so once they got their wellies and shoes on they got to cracking the ice on pond size pot holes out at the road. But the wind was really chilling. On circiling the house we were met with a daggering wind that ran us through once we turned a corner, or maybe that was just the way I felt, Lucy (once she had found her footing after almost being blown over) and Sophie just ran around the garden to their usual positions to play with the swings and kick the little foot ball but all with the sence of wonder of that the aftermath of a night of freezing cold can have.

After my usual Saturday morning breakfast of pancakes, smoothy made with fruit and OJ + AJ and Mythbusters the big chill metaphorically continued. I got a call from my boss to inform me that I had to be laid off after just two weeks, immediately. Thought I was going into work on Tuesday but I am not. Economic reasons I think, although I was feeling as if maybe I hadn't learn enough fast enough or something, but I guess it wasn't that. We are in a recession, it makes sence that I go now more than ever and sooner rather than later, but my few days there were great. Maybe with the grace of God, I will get back there again.

So then we took the kids down to Mart and Marielles where they played host to us and Malis kids to watching a film and playing Wii and kinda chill the beans. On my way home from that I realised my Aunt was home from America and I hadn't visited her so after out quick but delicious potatoe, peas and pork chop dinner we called down to her for a short while.

It was a weird day, there was something strange about the whole morning and then I got the call and ahhhh I don't know. In some weird way too though, it was a nice day.

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  1. Oh man, Donal, we're really sorry to hear about the job. I know you were really enjoying it, and I'm sure it was the economy and not something else. Our prayers are with you all as you work on what's next.


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