Sunday, November 14, 2010

34 Years Old + 70 Days


I woke up at 2:30pm!!!! It was way to late for me becuase I have this really unfortunate anti laziness thing that if I sleep in, when I wake up I have a headache...

So I had a headache, and to feel better I drove down to Carraroe and got some panadol and picked up PJ. When we got back to my house I felt really really crap. PJ played on the xbox 360 for a few moments but then I left to have a shower, and I vomited my guts up. The second I had finished hurling I felt like a new man. Seriously... I would advise it to anyone (not).

Then Mart came home from Galway where he was with Mom buying an iphone 4 for her. So she has an Apple iphone now, something else. I am jealous.

But eventually a bunch of us finally got together in Mart and Marielles place and we played loads of wii, loads of xbox 360, and ate loads of pizza that we made ourselves from scratch. It was a brilliant night but rick was not feeling well and there might have been too many people because we just didn't have enough doubles of 360 games. Like we needed a copy of each game to be able to play across the networked xboxs. But Mart tv screen was SOOO big that even when we had a 4 player going on the screen that each quarter of the screen was literally as big as the tv that I brought down that I thought was big.

Basically it turned out to be a good night I think... we will do it again, but we learnt alot from this night so the next time will be alot better.

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