Tuesday, November 9, 2010

34 Years Old + 64 Days

Sunday... 7th Nov...

It was really windy today. We were getting the tail end of a hurricane or something. It wasn't batton down the hatchs Wizard Of Oz style but still enough to move ones toupé uncomfortably around on ones head if in front of respectable company.

So we didn't really go anywhere.

We went to Mom and Dads for dinner and that was really nice. Last night I made a decision not to eat crap for around a month. I was really eating everytime I saw something tasty or anytime that I was bored. But yesterday I just ate so much sweet crap in such a short time I was like, no more.... no more....

With that said I made pancakes for brekkie and had the remainder of the pancakes for supper!

Thats all really, just 4 of us chilling the beans.... after all.... cupantae is closed.

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