Friday, November 5, 2010

34 Years Old + 61 Days


Did alot of cleaning up in the cafe today. Took tons of computer components like cables, mice, keyboards etc down to mom and dads house. We seemed to be doing it all day, but with that said I was home well before 6pm and I even read for a while (the reason I have not read before this being my fault totally I fully acknowlegde). I am reading a book called "The Hackers Handbook 3.0". It is brilliant, but it does advise that if you are to become a hacker not to advertise it, well I am not advertising it, I assure you that I not going to become a hacker. To be a read hacker (and not a lowly "script-kiddy") would take more work that I am willing to put into the whole thing. Although it is worth noting that if you have had a program, or a piece of technology that you managed to change and modify in some way, for better or worse, but still had the program or tech still working at the end, you could be called a hacker too.

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