Thursday, March 24, 2011

34 Years Old + 200 Days


Wow... day 200!!!!!!!

Two Hundred! All of a sudden I have realised that I have gone more than half way in my one year project of doing a page a day of my blog! Class. I am happy.

I am also sad and lonely. Linda is away for the night doing visiting family in Mayo. So, alone, I looked at the

The Bourne Identity

It is such a brilliant film. They all are. I took Sophie to her art class in Spideal and went for a walk up to the two peers. It was a good day but stressful because I was trying to do about my future education. I am wondering if I should go back to college. Finish off properly my computer education. Of course it will mean I am knocking at the door of my 40th birthday. So trying to figure out alot basically.

So 200 days. I have moved an old school clock radio from Sony. The model number is ICF-C212 and it uses up 5W. In computers we talk so much about the models type of the laptops and base units, but we never talk about it with other things. I will make more of an effort to observe the small details. I sound crazy now, so I think I will go off to sleep. It is emblazened on the face of my ICF-C212 that it is 12:26AM, I really should hit the hay.

Comments On Comments!
Mart Asks:
About Day 171 - Who Is HH... Sorry, HH is me, hammerhead!
About Day 173 - "Ryan, to answer your question (3 weeks later!), cylons won, i.e. me and donal. I was an unrevealed cylon for most of the game, Donal was a revealed cylon for most of the game, and he basically won it while I was busy hiding. It was great fun though and brought Wallace back from the trauma of the 6 hour game that gave him nightmares and left him steering clear of BSG for 6 months! "
About Day 175 - "Ryan - the way the murder mystery worked was great, each person is drip-fed information about their character at certain points throughout the night, so right up until the end, even marielle didn't know she was the killer. I would highly recommend a murder mystery night, it was totally class and great fun"
About Day 183 - I cannot say who I had a fight with, was it really a fight... eh, not really. It wasn't Linda though, don't worry!
About Day 184 - Had to laugh at this one. "Donal you know my opinion on the Irish language so i wont go into it here, but i have a great way of preserving the language and making loads of people pro-actively adopt it and start speaking it ... ban it immediately. Even better if you could somehow make the ban come from England."

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  1. Congrats on making it to day 200 (now 201)! Enjoyed getting to hang out and talk yesterday. We will have to do it again soon!


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