Thursday, March 17, 2011

34 Years Old + 192 Days


I began playinh Halo 3 today, co-op with PJ. It is more like going on Safari with some kind of tribal chief that can kill tigers and lions with a stare. I am going through the game, and I am dying, and so is PJ... but he knows the way through the maps ssooooooo well that it takes all of the single player aspect out of it. It is like looking at an interactive film actually is probably my best description, but am i complaining, it might sound like I am but I am not, there are so many great games out there and Halo 3 is one of them. Difference is that if I do not play Halo 3 like this, I might never get to see it.

At least when the sun is setting on this game and PJ passes the finishing line, for the hundreth time probably, and I walk behind him in his shadow, at least I can honestly say.... "yeah - I finished Halo 3!"

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