Monday, March 21, 2011

34 Years Old + 197 Days


It was kinda different to the usual waking up, brekkie, dinner, tea, sleep (a format which I like alot). This morning I slept in a bit and when we were all ready I headed to a birthday party with the kids. When the party was over we all (4 of us) went down to Dads for dinner which was as usual lovely. I wonder if he knows how much we all like it.

When the kids were home and asleep we had some Counter Strike Source... it was as usual fun but the scope of the fun has multiplied (I realise that sentence is meaningless!) in we were talking to Ryan in the US and playing as well. It really makes you realise how great CS:S is and how brilliant it is to be able to download something like Skype for free! Anyway for all my talk, I only played a little bit.

Myself and Rick attempted to do some comic work but for some reason he wasn't feeling 100% :)

And that was my day.... regular.

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