Monday, March 14, 2011

34 Years Old + 191 Days


You know what I had a crap Monday. I had karate too and the crapness of my day was reflected in my class. I was weak and slow and I even had to sit down because I thought I was going to faint :(

On a brighter side for Linda see went up to Castlebar to see The Commitments, thats a capital T at the beginning of that The. Any fan of the film will know what that means. But Linda and Finola who went there too know alot about the band. Finola knows Glen Hansard from doing a music class with him, Linda know about nearly all of the band members and has seen a few of them in seperate concerts throughout the years. So she had a good night.

Onto my new feature now that will pop up every now and again to answer questions that have piled up. First thing is, my dad is ok. He is often feeling crap but he really is, in general fine. That day I was writing my blog beside his bed in hospital, I guess the whole hospital concept is very daunting.

Next I have to greet any new reader I have to my blog. I know Mart has begun reading it today. When you eventually catch up to this point, well, Hello.

And I love all the comments that people send to me. I do not comment on hardly any of them but I do think that they help me with my blog. So again, thanks for all the comments and opinions.


  1. yea! updates! Glad to see that your dad is doing better. Please know that Dee and I have been praying for him.

  2. Ah! Hello Donal, I have finally nearly caught up with the present day. Its weird, cos I know you so well and talk to you so often, and yet somehow the blog gives me an insight to your life that I dont see when encountering it from my own perspective in normal everyday life


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