Thursday, March 24, 2011

34 Years Old + 199 Days


Today I started properly this really cool thing... farming! Well that is not really true. I have started to grow my own food to learn how it works. I want the kids to learn to. But it is really cool. My aim is to plant potatoes, carrots, lettuce... other stuff I guess too. Dad is helping me. But it is funny when you think about it, how little we know about gardening, about plants, about animals, about our own food. A person came up to me a few weeks ago and she told me that she is never going to eat marshmallows again because she found out that some part of the stomach of a cow is used in it production. I was like, what! Think about it... what is a steak? It is flesh of an animal that we killed and chopped up! It is silly the whole thing... People love steak, but imagen if after a fine dinner I told my guests that the mine meat that they had was dog, or horse, alot of people would turn green at the thought of it.

My point is, if your going to eat something, either know where it comes from, or accept that you do not know where it comes from and accept that the source of the food is reliable and within safety standards. So from a point of view of knowing where your food comes from, that is why I am growing my own veg... let the girls know what food is grown, it takes time.

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