Wednesday, March 9, 2011

34 Years Old + 186 Days

I have realised that I have a virus somewhere on my network in some form or another. It send out a mail to all the poeple in my gmail address book and told them, in very poor English, to go to a link. Problem is when I am cleaning computers belonging to other people I use my own laptop. So if the other computer has a problem and it usually does, my computer is directly linked up to it. Interesting times. So sorry to all the people that have gotten junk mail from me... but, it wasn't me :(
First day of lent today too. I am giving up a miriad of stuff, but another thing we are doing it "taking up" stuff. I am going to look for a new thing to begin. Heaven knows I already have enough things on already but this is a passtime of hobby that you should start if only for lent and stick and try to perfect. So you might take up juggling, guitar, something along the lines of a party trick concept, but for it to be a thing that you have always wanted to do. Something that will benefit only you. So it will be a thing that at the end of lent you can say, hey, look what I can do!
And now, maybe what I should do is practice what I preach and get to doing some of the millions of things I am meant to be doing now.

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