Monday, March 21, 2011

34 Years Old + 198 Days


Or Karate Day as it soon shall be know to me, by me. Not because karate is that brilliant - it is brilliant - but the reason I am writing this is to ask the universe "what did I do to deserve this, why are so many things always clashing with Monday night?" It seems there are alot of external forces lobbying agains't me doing karate. Seriously, I have a list. Today for example there was a networking getting to know people meeting on exactly the same time as karate... i went to karate, Linda went to the networking thing and told them all how she is a Web and graphic designer.

But then the rest of the day was good, I did a bit of work. I judge how good my work was not based on the time that I am working, because Linda give me loads of time to do the work, but how well I spend that time. I could have 2 hours to do some work but doss around, check mail, facebook, play some games for an hour and a half, so thats like a 25% work success rate. Well, that an interesting gauge actually, I must use that again. I wonder what a good success rate is? 100% is a robot. I guess, 90-95%. Well today I say I'd had maybe 88% success rate.

What was I even talking about. Basically good day. We had a tasty dinner too, pork chops from Spar in Carraroe, mmmmmm.

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