Sunday, March 20, 2011

34 Years Old + 195 Days


Linda was at the mother and toddler with both the kids so I stayed and fixed computers for as much of the day as I was able to. That was too, pretty much my day. When the kids come home hours disolve into each other and you find yourself looking at the clock at 7pm and thinking, where did the day go?

In the evening, well night I guess, Mart came over to babysit for us and we went into the cinema, we saw "The Fighter" with Christian Bail and Mark Walberg and of course Amy Adams. It really was a brilliant film but I was cringing through alot of it. Alot of the film is based around this family that think they know everything but really they are just a normal family I guess, that like normal families know nothing really. The way that all the sisters were portrayed was brilliant, they came across as an ignorant pack of morons... but again, I can think of alot of families that are like that... they are a normal family. Thats why I think the film hit a nerve with me so much. It was like, we are sometimes that stupid.

Brilliant film, see it!

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