Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 - Day 51 - China Human Rights Violations

You know what I am tired of, people always raggin on about China and China's human right abuse. Now, listen to what I am saying... am I saying the Chinese government does not violate human rights? No... China violates alot of things, number one thing that bothers me about China is it firewall on information on the internet.

But as for the point of this post! The Irish government also violates if you ask me. Paying of billions to bankers, taking money from schools, closing hospitals, putting millions and millions and into roads! Yippee we can go to Dublin faster! What for? The trains are a piece of crap, too slow or too cold take your pick. Throw in the occasional drunk idiot and your nicely in hell... wait a second, something is missing? Your train journey isn't quite bad enough yet.. ah that's it, charge them through the nose for it too!

Homelessness is on the increase, domestic abuse is on the increase, poverty in general is on the increase. I can't confirm that drug abuse and illiteracy are on the increase but they are all part of the 'treat a peoples nation like dirt' package and it all goes hand in hand.

My equation is, as long as people buy trashy papers, look at trash television and gossip and trash talk about other people then we are all appealing to each others lowest common denominator. Believe it or not, the government controls the lowest common denominator. If kids took violin lessons, practiced painting and studied art history... studied philosophy and theology instead of Christian religion, studied cultures instead of ostracising non-native Irish speakers (thats a nice Carraroe one there), put emphasis on fittness instead of getting the first born male of the family playing GAA.... learnt about fine food and the effect of diet on the body instead of nurturing a pub culture and for the most part if everyone looked after their own business then the regular Irish civilian would be a very different person.

And then...

and only then...

should we begin to think that China is "worse" than we are. Now alot of you will have read this and misunderstood what I am saying, so let me put it in a last one-liner. China is bad but Ireland is really bad and we should not think that we are better people as a nation or that we have a better government than China, because in really we do not. Chinese government governs 1.2 billion people. The Irish government rules 4.5 million and look at the state we are in.


  1. Well in fairness Donal, bad though the Irish government screwed the pooch on the old finances in the last few decades, thats just money. Of course it directly affects the welfare of the Irish people, BUT China (and my apologies to any Chinese readers there might be of this blog, since I saw from a previous daily update that people from all over the world visit this page!) - China do MUCH worse things, like beat up monks who are involved in peacful protests, restrict freedom of speech, movement, and religion of its people. For example, if you were in China, you wouldn't be able to write a blog entry like this complaining about your government like you are able to do in Ireland. So 2 governments do 2 bad things, they may be compared in that respect, but the degree of badness is vastly different!

    1. I agree with Mart that the atrocities in China are bigger, but I also think that it's important for everyone to take responsibility for their area, so US politicians need to own up to the way they've mismanaged things, Irish for their mistakes, etc, and not say, "at least I'm not as bad as China" which I think is along the lines of what Donal is saying.

  2. You both make really good points actually... my point is that we are not perfect... not by a long shot... but of course I agree with what you are saying Mart.


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