Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012 - Day 41 - Friday + Stupid Stupid Eircom


Eircom, in a word with the word repeated!

They had 3 laptop stolen and all 3 of them had person information on them about customers and all of them were unencripted. Really that is all I want to say. This is the same company that is in charge of laying down the internet infrastructure for Ireland. Come on... they can even protect their machines in their own offices. Crap like this makes me sad to be living in Ireland. While other countries have blistering broadband at dirt cheap prices lots of people in Ireland are still on dial up speeds and paying through the nose for 2 or 3 megabyte lines that they are sharing with dozens of people when the line get busy.

Someone is suing Eircom now because their data has been stolen. Ha ha Eircom. Ha.. you idiots!


  1. Well firstly let me say I hadn't heard of this so i dunno, but i remember when the blood bank had a laptop stolen that was not encrypted, it made front page news and they had to send an apology letter to all blood doners. but the info that was on it was just name and address, same as you'd find in the phone book if you could be bothered looking, not anything to do with medical records or blood type or anything! So remember sometimes that the media blows these things out of proportion for no reason. Having said that, knowing the media, we (Acorn Life) encrypt ALL company laptops, even with no company data on them, exactly to avoid something like this happening to us, so Eircom should've done the same...


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